Monday, June 11, 2007

More Wallpapers Added

Okay, two more wallpapers added. Just got some inspiration, so I open my Photoshop Canvas and implement it. ^^ This 12th version wallpaper was designed in two software. I'm using Adobe Flash CS3 to make the vector image, then I export the image into Photoshop and added some finishing touch to the wallpaper :)
The 13th version wallpaper was design to fulfill Rhani3's request. She request a purple wallpaper. But it took me long long long time to make it, because of I don't have enough time & inspiration to design it. But at last, I've finished it ^^.

P.S. to Cipluq, wait for your wallpaper, Insya Allah, when I have plenty of time, I'll finish the tracing ^^

1 comment:

cipluq said...

taken easy fikri,if you have much time do it ya!i always wait.